EVERY shot has been a pass through shot!  I wouldn’t enter the woods without these heads. Thank you Steel Force!

—Tammy Koenig, Leading Ladies Outdoors

The American Muscle Head

The Steelforce American Muscle Head cut-on-contact broadhead delivers .065 thick aerospace titanium main blades and bleeder blades for awesome penetration and superb flight.

A Closer Look

Broadheads tougher than your Uncle Jimmy.

We design broadheads that are razor-sharp, able to fly like a dart, and tougher than your Uncle Jimmy. This is what you our customers, have come to know and expect from Steel Force Broadheads.

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  • steelforce-american-musclehead-100gr

    American Muscle Head 100gr 3pk

  • 25003

    Premium 4-Blade 100g 3pk

  • 24003

    PhatHead 100g 3pk


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