Alaska to Africa, North America to Australia… I won’t hunt without Phat Heads in my quiver!

—David Duncan, Steelforce Pro-Staff

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If your heart races when you see the tips of a whitetails‘ antlers as he cruises down a runway or if your palms start to sweat in the moment of truth when you finally get a chance to take a shot at the buck of a lifetime or if you count down the days until the season opens like a kid counts down to Christmas, you have a lot in common with the Steel Force family. We are addicted to the adrenaline rush bowhunting provides, and like you, we meticulously choose each piece of archery equipment that finds its way into our bow case. Like you, we live and breathe bowhunting.

Every style of broadhead we offer is spin-tested to perfection before it leaves our factory. Some may say that is overkill… but we believe there is no such thing when it comes to building broadheads. That’s why all of our broadheads come with 49-51 Rockwell main blades. That’s why some of our broadheads are nearly twice as thick as the industry standard. Big game animals are tough. To be consistently lethal, a broadhead must be tougher than the biggest, meanest animal on the planet. We believe Steel Force Broadheads fits the bill.


“I’ve shot your broadhead the last 3 years, they are the best on the market. Their the sharpest, toughest and most dependable broadhead I have ever shot.”

Levi Johnson

Professional Guide, Writer

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Broadheads that fit your style of hunting.

After countless hours of research and development, we are proud to offer you our lineup. From the time-tested Premium Series to our Phat Head which is available in a variety of weights. We even Made an expandable, the SOB (swing open blade) in 100 grains! All for the whitetail hunter and African hunter and is nothing but blade from tip to stern, we are sure you will find a broadhead that fits your style of hunting.

At the end of the hunting season, all of the blood, sweat, and tears related to hanging stands, scouting game and shooting countless arrows into a target seems worth it especially if you are gripping horns and smiling for the camera. Successful hunts are special which is why we have reserved a special place on our website for you, our valued customers. If you are successful in the woods, we want to celebrate with you. Send us a photo with your trophies and we will put them on our trophy page.

As always, our broadheads come with lifetime resharpening at no charge,except a small fee for shipping and handling, because we know how important having a razor~sharp broadhead is because we are die-hard bowhunters ourselves.


“I just cannot say enough nice things about those 100 Grain Steel Force heads for deer and antelope. For my Alaskan brown bear and African lion, I used 125 grain Steel Force and for my Cape Buffalo, I used the 210 grain head. What a product line you have produced!”
Bob Delaney

About Steelforce

2015 is the 18-year anniversary for Steel Force Broadheads, but building broadheads has been a passion of Nickolas Giannetti, President of Steel Force Broadheads, for over 30 years. “I have been involved with this company since the 70’s, when it was called Premium Broadheads.  I saw potential the moment I started working with them. I saw a broadhead that was a penetrating powerhouse and was built like a tank. Many of our broadheads now offer the same characteristics that the original Premium Broadhead did,” Giannetti said.  Giannetti has continued to push forward and develop broadheads that traditional and compound archers have grown to lean on when the trophy of a lifetime is in their sights.

Premium broadheads were designed to be a cut-on contact broadhead – a broadhead that could break bone, tear through tissue, and deliver a lethal blow to even the largest big game animal. The name has been changed to Steel Force, but one thing remains the same: all Steel Force Broadheads are still cut-on-contact broadheads because in 30 Plus years of developing broadheads, Giannetti has not laid eyes on any other style of broadhead that can outperform cut-on-contact blades.

Few broadhead companies have stood the test of time like Steel Force Broadheads. When Premium Broadheads first splashed onto the archery scene, Jimmy Carter was President and you could count the companies making broadheads on one hand. Although there are more companies producing broadheads than there were in the 1970’s and more broadhead styles than ever before, we still rest on our proven cut-on-contact designs. Steel Force broadheads aren’t complicated, flashy or hard to figure out. Maybe the reason we are still here is because our goal as a company hasn’t changed since Carter was in office. We design broadheads that are razor-sharp, able to fly like a dart, and tougher than your Uncle Jimmy. This is what you, our customers, have come to know and expect from Steel Force Broadheads.

I get my idea’s for new products from the bow hunter. I love taking the time to talk with them about their thoughts and needs. Also, this industry demands new products all the time, it’s what drives the industry. And finally, when our competition decides to copy our number one product, it is time to move on and make something new for them to copy.

Whether you are a traditionalist who enjoys large cut-on-contact broadheads like our Premium, and our Traditional Series, or a speed freak who needs a broadhead like the Phat Head or SOB that will perform while being launched out of a bow at 350 fps, we have your back!

If you have questions about our broadheads or need sharpening, let us know!