PHAT HEAD! The industries toughest built, thickest blades & truest flying broadhead EVER designed… PERIOD! Alaska to Africa, North America to Austrailia... I won't hunt without Phat Heads in my quiver!

David Duncan Steelforce Prostaff August 23, 2015

Being a veteran bow hunter of 38 years I believe the single most important element of my shooting equipment is an effective broadhead. I have experienced consistent pass through shots on heavy, big game animals that have left me smiling on several occasions. This Canadian Black Bear was my thirteenth bear to be taken with my Mathews bow and Steel force heads. EVERY shot has been a pass through shot ! I continue to recommend Steel Force broadheads for any and all hunters especially low poundage shooters as the probability of pass through shots creating excellent blood trails and a high percentage of recovery are bound to follow. I wouldn’t enter the woods without these heads. Thank you Steel Force!

Tammy Koenig Leading Ladies Outdoors August 23, 2015

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Just wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed shooting your 100 grain broadheads. I took them to South Africa last year where I shot this 58 1/2 inch Kudu bull with a complete pass through shot. This was after shooting an Impala with a complete pass through shot with the same broadhead. The next day I shot a warthog with the same broadhead! I finally decided to change the broadhead after shooting the third animal. I am getting ready to go to Africa again in August and I have packed up a supply of your Steelforce 100 broadheads to take with me.

Ken Harper August 23, 2015

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I just cannot say enough nice things about those 100 Grain Steel Force heads for deer and antelope. For my Alaskan brown bear and African lion, I used 125 grain Steel Force and for my Cape Buffalo, I used the 210 grain head. What a product line you have produced!

Bob Delaney August 23, 2015

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I have never e-mailed a company before, but your broadheads have ended a long,frustrating search for me. I purchased your Premium 100's, and after my first practice session with them, I knew I had something special. They were flawless in flight, like my field points, but I had never hunted with them, and wasn't sure how they would perform in the field, where it really counts. After my first season with them in the field, I just have one thing to say: Devastating!! I shot a wild hog, and a bobcat, with great results, but what it did to a heavy horned 10 point Texas buck was amazing! Quartering away at 18 yards, the arrow completely penetrated, and broke the buck's outside shoulder! He only went 10 yards!When I retrieved the arrow, the broadhead looked almost perfect. Thanks for a broadhead that gives bow hunters confidence. I will never hunt with anything else!

Jack Johnson August 23, 2015

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You should be very proud of your broadheads... Yours are the only ones that pass my criteria
for a clean, fast kill.

Casey Moore August 23, 2015

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I've shot your broadhead the last 3 years, they are the best on the market. Their the sharpest, toughest and most dependable broadhead I have ever shot.

Levi Johnson Professional Guide, Writer August 23, 2015